La-Tweez Competition (Updated)


La-Tweez Competition (Updated)

December 1, 2016 


Ladies, I have a game changer for you.

La-Tweez are Pro-illuminating Tweezers. They’re crafted from the finest stainless steel with perfectly aligned tips. It comes in the cutest packaging.

It has an ultra-bright LED light for great visibility and this really shows up those little hairs. I hardly tweeze my eyebrows. I luckily have blonde hairs and I just leave them (um, fill them in). My Mom also over tweezed her brows when she was younger, because it was the fashion. Cara Delevigne definitely was not the inspiration in my Mom’s generation. She always told me to leave my eyebrows and I did. Over the years I’ve had them “neatened” up and they’ve thinned on their own, sadly, so I just fill them in now.

So… if I don’t tweeze my eyebrows, what do I tweeze? Lets just get honest and be real here.

I use my tweezers to get rid of those embarrassing hairs and sometimes, very carefully, an ingrown. I had a mole on my chin removed in 2008. The mole is gone, but those irritating hard little hairs sprout every month. I took my La Tweez, switched on the little light and that light illuminated other hairs I didn’t even know were there. They were so easy to tweeze out and it was painless because of the perfectly aligned tips. 

I often can’t find my tweezers. I always put them in my make-up bag, and yet they seem to disappear. My old one is so thin that it disappears in the folds of my bag. This won’t happen now because La Tweez comes in a beautiful carrying case with a built-in magnifying mirror! Bonus!

They come in the prettiest colours. Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green and Blue and they cost R285 from Sorbet Salons.

La Tweez have very kindly offered to give away a pair here on Vanilla Blonde.

If you’d love your own pair, please leave me a comment and include your email address so I can get in touch!

Obviously, I’d really appreciate you following me on my various social media channels, if you aren’t already… I’ll list them below 

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I’ll select the winner on Monday 5 December 2016.


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