Brows not on point? Blame your tweezers! For years, the tweezer has seen very little innovation in style and functionality and is often cast aside as an obligatory but non-essential beauty tool. With brows now getting their moment in the spotlight, the time has come for your tweezers to get an upgrade that is long overdue.  You can thank LaTweez for bringing their innovative line to the United States: this brand’s about to totally change your brow game.


Founded in 2004, LaTweez is known for creating the world’s first illuminating tweezer. Now, the brand that innovated the beauty industry is finally coming to the United States and bringing with it even more innovation to the long-neglected beauty tool with the release of its Pro Illuminating Tweezers with Diamond Dust technology.

LaTweez’s revolutionary diamond dust technology isn’t just for show. Utilizing the dust of real diamonds, this luxe upgrade strengthens the tweezer tip and creates a surface with extreme grip and precision that allows the tweezer to grab hold of even the finest hairs. The diamond dust technology even helps to elongate the life of the tweezer and allows for greater time between sharpenings. Finally, a pair of tweezers you’ll want to covet as much as your jewelry.


And, if the ground-breaking technology isn’t enough, the Pro Illuminating Tweezers will also be available in three sexy colors: black, red, and gold.

The Pro Illuminating Tweezers with Diamond Dust technology are now available at latweez.comstarting at $32, and will be launching at select retailers in the US on March 1, 2017.




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